The survival of American Manufacturing depends on Industry's ability to adapt to increasing energy costs. 

An Energy Assessment coupled with Engineering Analysis can reveal Innovative Solutions that reduce energy waste and align the flow of energy with Production.  The result can be reduced operating costs that is a competitive advantage for any industrial plant.

Adapting the manufacturing operations to achieve energy cost minimization is a continuous improvement process.  The energy efficiency improvements are a result of Energy Team activities and a culture of customer service, production service and waste

As energy prices fluctuate, the team that is quickest to adapt gains the most.

The lowest cost and the fastest speed of adaptation requires the most detailed observation, analysis, science and engineering.  Energy Efficiency methods which start with defined product solutions can never be as effective as methods which start with the fundamentals of client needs and product requirements.  Defining client/product needs in energy terms sets the energy/physical/chemistry basis for the minimum energy application.  Meeting client needs at this level results in the highest quality and lowest energy use.

Industrial Energy Engineering provides our clients with the details of Energy Utilization, Energy Assessment, Innovative Solutions, Engineering Justification and Strategic Energy Planning, to tailor proven energy reduction solutions to each manufacturing operation.  The result is the lowest cost-effective energy use by the overall plant, a key component of each client's global competitive advantage.


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